The olive


Suri olives

Dahab el Awali is the pure juice of SURI olives that originated in the city of Sour (Tyre) in southern Lebanon and is numerous historical accounts testify to the existence of the SURI olive variety and its spread in the countries of the Mediterranean from the Lebanese coast.

The SURI olive is adapted to the arid and sunny microclimate of El Awali River region where Dahab el Awali Extra-Virgin olive oil is produced. The SURI olive is one of the oldest olive varieties of the Mediterranean and is grown for its high oil content and its flavors.

The virtues of oil from the SURI olive variety and its benefits on health and nutrition are known to consumers and Dahab el Awali delights gourmets with its fruity aroma of subtle olive leaf and pepper. Dahab el Awali can be consumed raw in salads or in sauces. In the kitchen, all the assets of the olive oil are preserved and, because the smoke point is 207, it can be used for frying and cooking.

The cultivation of the Olive tree is one of the oldest signs of civilization in the world. It even preceded writing. The Olive culture, derived from the benefits of Olive Oil, and the mythology linked to it spread through the Phoenicians to Greece, and from Greece to Rome, and then to the rest of the Western world. In the past few hundred years, the growth of Olive has spread to the Americas, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. Nevertheless, until this day around 99 percent of all olive oil still spills from the rim of the Mediterranean.

The Souri olive, indigenous to the El Awali river basin, is said to have originated from the Lebanese town of Sur (Tyre) and it grows well in the arid, sunny climate.

It is among the most ancient olives that is harvested for its precious oil.

Historical records show evidence that, for millenniums, the people of this region were well aware of the benefits of consuming olive oil in their daily diets.

The Souri olive is especially suitable for olive oil production because of its distinctly aromatic flavors and high oil content.

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